BUZZ OFF! Working towards a mozzie free summer.


As the days grow longer, more Aussies are embracing the great outdoors. And nothing sucks more than a mozzie buzzing around while you are enjoying an afternoon family BBQ or camping trip.

Gympie Regional Council encourages personal protection as the first step in defence against mozzies. If you are active during summer, remember to apply insect repellent, light mosquito coils and wear loose, light-coloured clothing that covers up arms, legs and feet. Second step is prevention of mosquito breeding; here are some things you need to know to help you put a stop to mosquitoes breeding around your home.

A mosquito’s eggs can remain dormant for many months awaiting the perfect opportunity to hatch. The recent rainfall, warmer temperatures and increased humidity throughout the Gympie region, have provided those perfect conditions.

Gympie Regional Council Councillor Jess Milne reminds the community of the importance of reducing mosquito breeding as much as possible.

“Council manages mosquitoes through an extensive year round surveillance program across the region. However, community participation plays a vital role in reducing mosquito numbers by minimising breeding areas around their homes.

“There are very easy steps you can take to minimise your exposure to mosquitoes. It’s as simple as tipping out containers or pot plant bases, and regularly cleaning roof gutters.

“Don’t forget to frequently change the water in pet bowls and bird baths and ensure your rainwater tank is fitted with mosquito proof screens.’ She said. 

Other than being incredibly annoying, mosquitos have the ability to transmit diseases. Gympie Regional Council, along with the help from the community, can work towards a mozzie free summer!

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