Media Responses (29 November - 3 December)


Media Reponses (29 November - 3 December)

CONTENT: Graffiti, Jungle Love.

Gympie Times: 29 November – Graffiti


Anti-vax graffiti that was plastered on the hole-in-the-wall at Normanby bridge at the end of last week. I understand the council was called in to clean it up. 

 Has the council been called out to clean similar types of graffiti (i.e. the anti-vax stickers that were plastered down Mary St, were they cleaned up by the council?).

 How much does cleaning this up cost the ratepayer? Is the council concerned by these messages popping up as graffiti? And is there any other comment the council would like to make?


Council are aware of the graffiti. Council removes graffiti and repairs vandalism across all of Community assets including bridges, traffic signs, streets scape, buildings, parks furniture and playgrounds. Once the weather clears, Council will indeed be cleaning the graffiti off the Normanby Bridge Overpass. Graffiti removal comes at a significant cost to the community. Last financial year Council spent $22,773 on vandalism and graffiti across the region. Council would like to encourage community members if they see vandalism taking place to call the relevant authorities.


Gympie Times: 30 November – Jungle Love Festival


Currently writing an article on the Jungle Love story and it's relocation. I spoke with the director of the council and i'm looking just to have some queries resolved.

  • Firstly, in regards to the complaint made about Jungle Love- what was the complaint about? Noise, traffic etc?
  • Secondly, Where is the venue in question and do you know who owns it?
  • Lastly, what sort of approvals would be required? The director said the venue needs a development approval but didn't elaborate.


Gympie Regional Council can confirm it has received a number of complaints in relation to the Jungle Love Music Festival. However, for privacy reasons are unable to disclose the specific nature of the complaints.

Jungle Love has been run from the Borumba Deer Park at Imbil.

Part of our correspondence with organisers is around the need for a planning approval to host music events. Specifically, This would include a Material Change of Use.

Should a Material Change of Use application be submitted, Council will evaluate it in accordance with its planning approval procedures.   

Sharna Rowley - Manager Marketing, Communication, and Stakeholder Engagement.

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