Media Responses (11 - 15 October 2021)


Media Responses (11  - 15 October 2021)

CONTENT: Saleyards, Kandanga Information Centre, Gympie Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy, Whistling Kite at Rainbow Beach

ABC News: 11 October – Gympie Saleyards


What day is the Gympie sale on? Friday?


The next sale at the Gympie Saleyards is on Monday, 18th October.


Gympie Today: 12 October – Kandanga Information Centre


On Monday I left a copy of the Kandanga Rag for the mayor so he could comment on the page five story about the Kandanga Information Centre.

No doubt the mayor would have a comment.

It seems they are upset that a state government $250,000 renovation grant was instead used to demolish the building. You can see the points they are concerned about and which you might like to respond to in the article.


Council is aware of the community conversation in Kandanga around the Information Centre.

The building was de-constructed due to a range of structural integrity issues and materials manufactured with asbestos that could compromise the safety of volunteer workers and visitors to the building.

Consequently, the building was deemed un-inhabitable having reached its useful life and it was not economical to undertake extensive renovations to raise the building to meet current building standard requirements for an Information Centre, as the building was originally constructed for domestic purposes and did not comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) for commercial enterprises. 

Grant arrangements with the State government, including the Works for Queensland program have strict criteria on how the funds are to be used. The works funding this project, as well as the time extension to complete the works have been approved by the State.

Under the funding guidelines the funding allocation is not able to be transferred to any third party, including community groups.

Of the $250,000 budget approximately $43,000-00 has been committed to the de-construction effort including disconnections and decommissioning of services, waste removal and disposal charge and removal costs for the relocation of the occupants belongings. In addition, $9,636.00 has funded the building inspection and structural engineering reports including soil survey, testing and soil classification reports.

Further, $22,700.00 has been allocated for the installation of a structures to maintain the embankment that may include hand railing or landscaping works and revegetation.

The remaining 180,000 has been allocated to two approved projects, the Saleyards Community Hub Carpark and the Lower Wonger Hall.

Gympie Regional Council CEO, Shane Gray.


Gympie Times: 13 October – Gympie Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy


Can I please grab a copy of the Gympie Region Coastal Hazard Adptation Strategy Stage 3


Please visit Restoring our Landscape 


Gympie Times: 14 October – Whistling Kite at Rainbow Beach


Why has the tree been deemed a threat and marked for removal?

Have other options (like pruning) an option for the tree instead of removal?


A nearby resident expressed concerns about the size of the tree and when inspected by staff it was determined the tree posed a risk of falling or shedding branches in a weather event.

Yes. Pruning has been and will continue to be considered. It’s important to note Whistling Kites can use multiple nests within an area. The habitat around the tree in question would support additional nests.

Council believe the nest has been recently constructed (within the last nine months). It cannot be considered a long term nest site. Council is applying all regulatory guidelines and conservation best practice in relation to this matter.  

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