Neighbourhood concerns

Maintaining a relationship with your neighbours provides good a foundation for communcation without conflict when matters of concern arise.  Often people don't realise how their activities are impacting others. Having a chat to discuss the matter of concern, can often be all it takes to fix the situation.

For effective remedies to resolve neighbourhood disputes, see neighbourhood dispute resolution.

Council is the regulatory authority for a number of matters including environmental nuisance, property maintenance and community safety.  If you have a concern about one of these matters, submit a customer request.

Community concerns, that we may or may not regulate, include the following:

Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are an unsightly and sometimes unsafe intrusion on our streets and suburbs. Read more »


Roaming and stray animals, barking dogs. Read more »

Boundary fences

Generally, the owners of adjoining land must equally contribute to the cost of a constructing and maintaining a dividing fence. Read more >>

Environmental nuisance

Excessive noise, barking dogs, dust, smoke and fumes. Read more »

Property and footpath maintenance

Overgrown properties. Read more »

Street lighting

Faulty or requiring replacement bulbs. Read more »

Tree problems and removal

Overhanging branches, fruit and leaves. Read more »


Maintenance and information on weeds and declared plants. Read more »