Local heritage planning

Local Heritage Register

The Local Heritage Register is a listing of properties in the Gympie Region with local heritage significance. The Gympie Regional Council Local Heritage Register is available for viewing at the Planning and Development Directorate office, 29 Channon Street, Gympie or via the link below. This document may be periodically reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Local Heritage Places

Properties may also be identified as a ‘Local Heritage Place’ under the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme 2013. These properties are identified in Schedule 4 – Local Heritage Places and mapped in the Heritage and Neighbourhood Character O verlay. Where a property is identified in the Planning Scheme as a Local Heritage Place, this triggers the requirement for specific outcomes for building and new development to protect heritage values and preserve traditional character.

The Planning Scheme can be used to find out if your property is identified as a Local Heritage Place.

Queensland Heritage Register

In addition to local heritage considerations, the State Government also administer a register of properties of State cultural heritage significance on a Queensland Heritage Register. The Gympie region is home to a number of State heritage listed properties.

Council has developed a heritage trail which takes in the majority of the State heritage listed properties in the region.

Heritage Advisory Committee

The function of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to advise council on matters relating to components of the built and natural environment which have cultural heritage significance, including objects of material culture, buildings and structures, streetscapes and natural landscapes with the aim of conserving cultural heritage for the benefit of the present community and future generations.

The Committee meets at 2.00pm on the third Wednesday of every month at our Planning and Development building, 29 Nash Street, Gympie.

Contact us if you wish to address the committee on a matter.


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