Local Development Area Structure Plans

Structure plans are normally made for undeveloped areas that have potential for growth. These locations are Local Development Areas (LDA).

The structure plans help make sure that the long-term design and infrastructure needs of a LDA is well planned. Structure plans include things like:

  • the configuration of development lots
  • road, pedestrian and cycling networks
  • infrastructure delivery for things like water and wastewater services
  • open spaces
  • environmental considerations (e.g. wildlife corridors)
  • appropriate mix of different land uses (e.g. different density housing)
  • integration with the surrounding area and existing uses.

Gympie Regional Council has identified the following LDA study area.


Southside has been identified for future residential purposes.

Council approved the Final Southside LDA Structure Plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 25 January 2017.

This structure plan will be incorporated into the new planning scheme for the Gympie region which Council resolved to prepare in September 2020.

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