Gympie Region Heritage Trails

The Gympie region has a unique and rich heritage, which is full of interesting stories, characters, and buildings.  

Through the Gympie Region Heritage Trails, this history is brought to life so that people can enjoy and appreciate the iconic people, places, and events of the past that have shaped Gympie Town Centre into the region it is today.

Gympie Town Centre Heritage Trail

Along this trail, you will find bronze plaques at each of the 14 locations detailing who or what makes the site in the Gympie Town Centre historically relevant.

There is a history rich in gold mining as well as influences from natural and man-made disasters that have shaped the town centre itself. 

The Trail was opened on 1 November 2017 during the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold by James Nash in 1867.  

Explore the trail...

Begin at the Fiveways at the lower end of Mary Street and weave your way up through the street following the locations below.

Or click on the map to view the Gympie Town Centre Heritage Trail.  

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1. Fiveways

2-8 Mary Street, Gympie

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2. Scott's Store

14-16 Mary Street, Gympie

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3. George Thomas

41-45 Mary Street, Gympie

4. Edward Bytheway

57-67 Mary Street, Gympie

5. Lady Mary Lennox Fitzroy

69-73 Mary Street, Gympie

6. Robert Rankin

84-90 Mary Street, Gympie

7. Calton Hill Park

8. Smithfield Street

9. Jeremiah Swanton Cullinane

104-114 Mary Street, Gympie

10. Thomas Joseph Wilbraham

147-153 Mary Street, Gympie

11. Luke Thomas

192 Mary Street, Gympie

12. Jacob John Stumm

197 Mary Street, Gympie

13. Lieutenant Colonel William Jeremiah Ferguson

205 Mary Street, Gympie

14. Sir Horace Tozer

218 Mary Street, Gympie

Gympie Region Heritage Trail

The Gympie Region Heritage Trail highlights 34 locations of significance (as identified on the State Heritage Register) across Gympie, Mary Valley, Cooloola Coast, Goomeri and Kilkivan.

You can take a journey back in time and explore the region's rich history which included gold mining, dairy, beef, timber, farming, rail and many more iconic attractions and events that shaped the region into what it is today.

Some of these sites are located within the Gympie Town Centre Heritage Trail - so keep an eye out for the silver plaques. 

Visit the Gympie Region Heritage Trail website