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qconnect is an initiative of the Queensland Government to meet the public transport needs of regional Queensland.

Enter your starting point and destination and the qconnect Journey Planner will tell you how buses will get you there.

In addition to standardised fares and ticket types, qconnect has introduced a zonal fare system with improved bus routes and timetables to make it easier for you to get around.

Polleys Coaches offers hail 'n' ride in conjunction with their regular scheduled stops. Hail 'n' ride is available in all areas except the central business district.

Hail 'n' ride

Hail 'n' ride enables you to get on and off a bus between the regular scheduled stops, as long as it is safe for the driver to stop. Hail 'n' ride is designed to make using public transport easier and more flexible to suit individual needs.

How do I use hail 'n' ride?

To board the bus at a scheduled stop or between scheduled stops, just signal the driver clearly by placing your hand out as the bus approaches. If you want to get off the bus at the next scheduled stop ring the bell in good time and exit by the nearest door. If you want to get off the bus between stops, make your way to the front of the bus and tell the driver where you want to get off, then exit by the front door.

Transport services and subsidies in the Gympie region

There are a range of services to help meet the transport needs of residents, including transport to medical appointments and subsidy schemes for eligible concession card holders. The Gympie Transport Options brochure [PDF 1.4MB] outlines the available services, costs and wheelchair accessibility.

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