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The Gympie Regional Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Please click below to view the schedules for current and upcoming exhibitions. 

Some events in the interactive list below may display as occurring on Sundays and Mondays, however the Gallery is not open on these days.

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Me, Myselfie and I - Gallery - Exhibition: 9 January 2018

‘Me, Myselfie and I’ is an exhibition which explores a representation of self.  

Under Civilization - Gallery - Exhibition: 28 February 2018 to 21 April 2018

An exhibition of diverse artwork that looks beyond ‘fashionable civilized’ society. 

Exploring the Unknown - Gallery - Exhibition: 28 March 2018 to 21 April 2018

Forms and structures of nature, of earth and ice, water, clouds and vegetation. 

Ripple Effects - Gallery - Exhibition: 28 March 2018 to 21 April 2018

Jennifer Stuerzl, Rosie Lloyd-Giblett and Beth Jackson respond to the experience of being present in the natural world. 

Leaf Critters - Gallery - School holidays: 6 April 2018

Have fun with hundred of leaf shapes making critters, cards and portraits. 

Stunning Sea Prints - Gallery - School holidays: 10 April 2018

Use discarded materials to make shapes representing sea creatures!

Day of the Dead Celebration - Gallery - School holidays: 11 April 2018

Learn about the 3000 year old tradition from Mexico. 

Monoprinting Magic - Gallery - School holidays: 12 April 2018

Gympie Regional Gallery has amazing exhibitions to explore. 

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