Gympie Regional Council Meeting Chambers

Forms and factsheets

Forms and fact sheets are listed on the left, with links to page information on the right.


Animal registration form Animal registration
Application for additional animals Animal management


Balustrades information Dwellings and additions
Building approval summary request Building statistics
Building enforcement notice information Building compliance
Class 1 dwellings, multiple dwellings/duplex checklist Dwellings and additions
Class 10 structures checklist Sheds, garage, carport, deck and patios
Concurrence agency referral Sheds, garage, carport, deck and patios
Declaration installation of termite management system submission at building approval  
Request to re-activate/extend currency period of approval  
Request for partial/full release of surety bond  
Retaining walls factsheet Fences and retaining walls
Show cause notice information Building compliance
Class 10b swimming pool checklist Swimming pools
Swimming pools and spas fencing factsheet Swimming pools


Application for discharge of trade waste to sewer partA Trade waste
Application for discharge of trade waste to sewer partB Trade waste
Commercial vehicle permit application - information attachment Parking
Commercial use of local government controlled areas and roads application Establishing a food premises
Food business licence application Establishing a food premises
Food stalls - minimum standards Food safety resources
Food stalls - Music Muster - minimum standards Food safety resources
Food Safety Supervisor training programs Establishing a food premises
Guideline for the design, construction, and fit out of commercial food premises Establishing a food premises
Trade waste management program factsheet Trade waste
Trade waste management program information for applicants Trade waste


Application for use of beach, park, reserves or stage Places and spaces
Gympie 'Get Ready' Resilience Toolkit Gympie 'Get Ready' Toolkit
Notice of incident and claim property damage form  


Gallery exhibition program handbook Gallery exhibition guidelines
Gallery exhibition proposal form Gallery exhibition guidelines
Friends of the gallery - membership application form Friends of the Gallery

Grants and funding

Funding guide for not for profit organisations Grants and funding
RADF Application form RADF application assistance
RADF Eligibility checklist RADF application assistance
RADF Guidelines for applicants RADF application assistance


Notice of Compliance - Declarrd Plants Development assessment
Request a formal quote for planning fees Development assessment
Request for pre-application meeting Pre-application meetings
Survey Plan Sealing Request Form Survey Plan Sealing


  Non-sewered commercial plumbing applications and Sewered commercial plumbing (standard) applications
Class 1A and Class 10A residential plumbing checklist PBCK066 Non-sewered residential plumbing (standard) applications and  Sewered residential plumbing (fast-track) applications
Class 2-9 commercial plumbing checklist PBCK076 Non-sewered commercial plumbing applications and Sewered commercial plumbing (standard) applications
Hydraulic Plans – Minimum Standards – PBI013  
On-site sewerage systems care and maintenance On-site sewage facilities
House connection plan - example only  
Water meter test report. 50KB  
Backflow Prevention Fact Sheet Backflow prevention devices


Application for property access approval Driveway and property entrances
House number/address allocation request House numbers
Mowing and slashing contractors Property maintenance
Property search request form Property searches
Property search information Property searches



Application for Pensioner Remission Pensioner Concessions
Direct Debit Request form Payments
Refund Form  

Recycling and waste

Guideline for general waste and recyclable waste generation Commercial bin collection
Recyclers list Recycling


Temporary Road - Footpath Closure Checklist

Water and sewerage

Application for conditional water restrictions permit Water restrictions
Application for water or sewerage connection or disconnection Water and sewer connections
Domestic water supply information Water supply  and Rainwater tanks
Permanent reticulated water restrictions Water restrictions
Reading a water meter Water meters
Sewer main to house connection blockages factsheet Sewerage
Stormwater factsheet Stormwater