22.96 / receding: Workshops and classes (Various Dates)


Take part in a huge range of workshops and artist demonstrations during our current exhibition: 22.96 / receding between 14 Feb – 15 Apr 2023.

A multi-faceted exhibition by three Gympie artists - Miriam Innes, Joolie Gibbs and Leeroy Todd - that commemorates the anniversary of the February 2022 flooding event that took place within regional and urban Gympie areas. The concepts of 22.96 | receding are thought provoking, educational, and visually and physically engaging, with a narrative that is not defined by the worst that the river can do, but by what the river provides.


Sat 11 Mar

Workshop: Layered Papercutting with Miriam Innes

Learn layered papercutting for a 3D effect.

10am-2pm | Ticketed | Ages 16+ | Book Online here

$44 per ticket


Wed 12 Apr

Workshop: Making Simple Books with Joolie Gibbs

Learn the making of simple books using flood mud and inks.

10am-12pm | Ages 5-12

1pm-3pm | Ages 12-18

Ticketed | Book Online here

$11 per ticket


Thu 13 Apr

Workshop: Shadow Creation with Miriam Innes

Cast shadows and create landscape scenes using synthetic paper and craft knives.

10am-1pm | Ticketed | Ages 12-18 | Book Online here

$11 per ticket


Fri 14 Apr

Workshop: Augmented Reality with Miriam Innes

Use ‘Artivive’ to create new dimensions of art by linking classical art with digital art.

10am-12pm | Ticketed | Ages 12-18 Book Online here

$8.50 per ticket


Sat 15 Apr

Workshop: Botanical Drawing with Joolie Gibbs

Learn drawing with homemade botanical inks.

10am-12pm | Ticketed | Ages 16+ | Book Online here

$22 per ticket


This project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia. The Regional Arts Fund is administered by Flying Arts Alliance Inc. in Queensland.

Special thanks to the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee, Creative Arts Gympie Region and Undersea Productions.

Artist miriam innes with papercut shadow artwork