Du Rietz Art Awards

The Du Rietz Art Awards honour the architect of the beautiful historic School of Arts building where the Gallery is housed, and is open to all experience levels. Entries for the 2020 will be open from February with more details to come. Exhibition viewing | 5 August – 5 September 2020


2019 Winners

Winners of the inaugural Du Rietz Art Awards are listed below.

Winners shared in over $13,000 in prizes over seven awards.

The Gallery staff would like to thank all the artists who submitted artwork and all the generous sponsors for supporting creativity and the arts in the Gympie region.


Award Name Artwork Name Artwork Image Judges Comments

Section 1 | 2D Award $6,000

Helena Jackson- Lloyd

Mack in the Yard

Image Credit: Mick Richards

A dynamic, full-throttle composition with the mid-section brilliantly rendered in paint, indicating a great sense of shape and form; the variety of painterly effects that do not lose sight of the subject. On the East Coast of Australia, the presence of transport is unmissable. The artist has worked in an expressive way as if personal experience was being identified. So as viewers we move forward and back from knowing it to be a Mack Truck but recognizing colour and texture that signify other narratives.

Section 2 | Budget Steel 3D Award $3,000 (Acquisitive) Meaghan Shelton Diving Helmet and Overlay

Image Credit: Duncan MacQueen

The two elements of this work are intended together to display difference. However, what is the stronger part is the overlay. It is so strong in its fragility; it could easily be the work itself with the fine line of thread leading back to the roll of copper wire. The wire could still be unravelling. The artist describes this component as a “crocheted sheath that takes the presence of a child’s garment floating”. It is this but it is more. As a child’s garment, it is a metaphor for a child or indeed an adult as a child. The crocheting makes us aware of human touch, but given the tearing of the form we think of misadventure. It is the trace of something else.
Bendigo Bank Locals Award | $3,000 Kym Barret Wrapped 1

Impressive use of layering and texture treatment of paint and wax media. The image can be viewed on a number of aesthetic levels; as landscape, as abstraction, as colourfield that is particularly Australian. The separation of framing prompts the viewer to see the “scene” as if through a window. A quiet work that rewards contemplation.

Bryan Moore Memorial Ceramic Award | $500 cash prize Dennis Forshaw Coral Connections

Image Credit: Cheryl McGannon

Beautiful, uplifted form with a visually engaging pattern and surface. Interior surprises with the contrasting colour glaze. A great deal of skill evident in the control of the medium. Lovely satin patina. Good form for the display of the glaze effects.

Ceramic Encouragement Award | $200 cash prize Kerrie Browning Social Souvenirs

A very bold piece that impresses by its fine detail and yet a depth of theme. The idea of flotsam and jetsam is represented here. Minutiae, isolated; it forces a closer look at things normally overlooked. Encouragement to continue, extend and develop this line of enquiry. The title encourages us to look beyond what we can see.

Locals Encouragement Award | $445 total prize value Kerrie Atkins Hut in the Woods

Image Credit: Leeroy Todd

This “experiment” deserves to be extended – the small “window” in the wood block transforms the piece with an illusion of distance and depth – a small world in the woods that delights us while referencing the block itself. Clever, delicate, well-painted and great design. Surprising – it takes you into a miniature world - it’s object-hood is like a talisman.

Roy Skinner Memorial Works on Paper Award Roy Skinner Memorial Works on Paper Award | $500 cash prize Jane Grealy Maria’s Garden: Spring Beans

Image Credit: Martin Barry

Meticulous and intensely concentrated use of media with complex effects of texture, distance and structure elements. An ambitious work in terms of scale, and subject matter that is both formal, homely and sensual.

People's Choice Award Lew Brennan Sunday Artist comment: Some of the best moments in observing architecture and culture come accidentally. A stop over for a weary traveller in a small town off the highway, an invitation to a long distant friend or relatives wedding…or funeral, or simply aimless wandering with no set direction. That’s the time when a walk around the unknown streetscape impacts the most, particularly on the morning of great reflection, the day after the event. ‘Sunday’ is that moment in life’s eclectic procession. A time to marvel at the unsung beauty of a town that has obviously been a place of great success and business as seen through the sandstone and the brick and the cedar and the pressed metal.



The Gympie Regional Gallery would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity and for supporting creativity and the arts in the Gympie region.

  • Gympie Regional Council
  • Budget Steel
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Gwyn Moore
  • Anne Skinner
  • Chroma
  • CoolArts Gympie
  • Heinke Butt
  • Cooloola Potters Group
  • Sally and David Gartshore
  • Gold Town Framing
  • Kathy Burden Art Down Under Studio
  • Kingstons Office National
  • Olive Hooper