The Gympie region comprises of eight divisions, represented by the Mayor and eight other councillors. 

Councillors are required to act at all times in accordance with the requirements of the local government principles and the various roles, responsibilities and obligations placed upon them by the Local Government Act 2009.

A Councillor Code of Conduct has further been adopted which emphasizes Council's public commitment to maintaining the high ethical and behavioural standards expected of the Mayor and all Councillors of Gympie Regional Council.

Council has adopted an Investigation Policy which outlines how alleged inappropriate conduct by Councillors will be investigated and determined. 

Council is required to maintain and publish a Councillor Conduct Register in accordance with section 150DX of the Local Government Act 2009.

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Mayor Glen Hartwig

Mobile: 0437 722 931

Portfolios: Governance, Planning and Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement.


Register of Interests


Cr Jess Milne

Position: Councillor - Division 1

Portfolio: Waste and Wastewater, Regulatory Services.


Mobile: 0436 282 707

Register of Interests

Cr Nadine Jensen (Dolly)

Position: Councillor - Division 2

Portfolio: Community Assets, Stakeholder Engagement.


Mobile: 0436 306 226

Register of Interests

Cr Shane Waldock

Position: Councillor - Division 3

Portfolios: Planning and Sustainability, Community Assets.


Mobile:0436 344 857

Register of Interests

Cr Bruce Devereaux

Position: Councillor - Division 4

Portfolio: Finance and Community Enhancement, Information Technology.


Mobile:0436 311 494

Register of Interests

Cr Dan Stewart

Position: Councillor - Division 5

Portfolio: Finance and Community Enhancement, Regulatory Services.

Mobile: 0499 081 404


Register of Interests

Cr Hilary Smerdon

Position: Councillor - Division 6

Portfolios: Civil Assets, Water and Wastewater.

Mobile: 0499 080 913


Register of Interests

Cr Warren Polley

Position: Councillor - Division 7

Portfolio: Information Technology, Civil Assets.


Mobile: 0436 307 489

Register of Interests

Cr Robert Fredman (Bob)

Position: Councillor - Division 8

Portfolio: Governance.

Mobile: 0418 708 745


Register of Interests