Chemical disposal

Hazardous household waste drop off days

Council provides safe disposal options for a range of household hazardous waste items.

Free household hazardous waste drop-off days are held on designated days throughout the year.

  • The next household hazardous waste drop off day will be held at the Bunnings Warehouse Gympie (northern end of the carpark) on the 13 March 2021.

Acceptable items:

  • Insect sprays
  • Metal polish and solvents
  • Floor care products
  • Brake fluid
  • Motor oil, sump oil and gear oil
  • Petrol and marine fuel
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides and weed killers
  • Paints and mediums
  • Dry-cleaning solvents
  • Fibreglass resins
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Smoke detectors
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs

Quantities are limited to 20Llimit of each substance per visit.

Bring fluids in disposable containers. Where possible, please leave the label attached. An industrial chemist will be available to assess all hazardous waste and provide expert advice about the safe and correct disposal of any chemicals or hazardous materials you may be unsure about.

Waste from commercial operators will not be accepted. Please transport your hazardous waste safely.

The following items are accepted every day at Council’s waste management facilities - items must be separated and placed in the designated storage areas within the waste management facility:

  • Car batteries
  • Used mineral oil (up to 20L)
  • LPG bottles (portable, up to 10kg)
  • Paint

Farm chemicals

There is a national product stewardship scheme for agvet chemicals. This scheme funds the Chem Clear collection program.

Chem Clear comes to towns across regional Australia (on average) once per year and provides free collection of chemicals that meet the following requirements:

  • Still in its original container
  • Readable product label
  • Has not been mixed with any other product
  • Within 2 years of its expiry or deregistration date

Chemicals that do not meet the above requirements can also be collected, however a per litre/kg fee applies to these.

Bookings are essential. You must register your interest with Chem Clear on phone 1800 008 182 or on the Chem Clear website. Once a sufficient number of tentative bookings are made for this area, Chem Clear will arrange a collection in this area. When a collection is to be held, Chem Clear will contact persons who registered their interest and make an appointment for collection at a specified public location at a specified time.

Commercial and industrial chemicals (includes chemicals from businesses, schools and government organisations)

Industrial chemicals must be disposed over by private commercial arrangement with a licensed hazardous waste collection company.

Companies that collect chemicals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cleanaway – phone 13 13 39 
  • Toxfree – phone - 1300 869 373

Chemical containers/drums 

drumMUSTER is specially designed for the disposal of eligible and cleaned agvet chemical containers. drumMUSTER collects eligible non-returnable metal or plastic containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litre/ kilogram used for chemicals in the following industries:

  • agricultural and livestock production
  • industrial and recreational pest and weed control
  • forestry
  • household pest control operations
  • similar activities conducted by government authorities.

Containers must display the drumMUSTER logo to be eligible. The logo can be displayed on the chemical label, embossed into the container wall or applied as a sticker to the container. Containers not displaying this logo may be from non-participating manufacturers and will not be accepted into the program.

Gympie Regional Council operates drumMUSTER collections at:

  • Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility
    • Bonnick Road Gympie
    • Any time within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary - report to the recycling shop on-site (or weighbridge if shop is closed).
  • Kilkivan Waste Management Facility
    • McKewen Road, Kilkivan
    • Any time within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary - report to the site attendant.
  • Goomeri Management Facility
    • McKewen Road, Kilkivan
    • Any time within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary - report to the site attendant.

All containers must be triple rinsed and there must be no chemical residue inside the container or on the threads of the lid.  It is best to rinse containers immediately after the chemical has been used to prevent residue drying out and becoming difficult to remove.

Containers containing chemical residue will not be accepted. If your container is rejected, the inspector will request that your container is taken home, properly cleaned and returned for recycling in your next delivery.


You can now dispose of unwanted paint free of charge at the Paintback Collection Point at Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility in Gympie.

Unused and unwanted paints are collected and transported to a treatment plant where waste liquid and packaging are separated. The containers are recycled. The solvent paint is used as an energy source. Water is separated from acrylic paint and reused.

We accept up to 100 litres per vehicle per visit, in containers of 20 litres or less.

Paintback is funded through a 15 cents/litre levy (plus GST) on eligible products, paid by the paint manufacturer or importer.

For more information about Paintback, go to