Building in the region

A building permit is required before carrying out most types of building work. The approval process involves assessment by an accredited building certifier against the Building Act 1975 and associated regulations and standards, and the issue of a building permit and subsequent inspections to ensure compliance.

Carrying out building work means:

  • building
  • repairing
  • altering
  • underpinning (whether by vertical or lateral support)
  • moving or demolishing a building
  • excavating or filling (relating to the construction of a building)

Some types of building work do not require a building permit, that is work that is self-assessable - prescribed and work that is exempt.  If you are unsure if a building permit will be required, contact us to discuss your proposal.

Supervision and quality

It is the shared responsibility of a building contractor and the owner to ensure building work is carried out to an acceptable standard of quality and finish. Some owners may engage an architect or designer to supervise these aspects of the work.

The building contractor has statutory and contractual obligations regarding the approval and inspection process. The property owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring a building permit has been obtained and any mandatory inspections have been carried out.

Some builders offer a complete design, approval and construction package. If the builder is to arrange for the building permit and inspections, details of the agreement should be recorded in a contract.

The builder must, on behalf of the owner, comply with any lawful requirement relating to the building work. Under the building contract, the builder must rectify any building work that does not comply with the building legislation.

If building work needs to be rectified, the party responsible for the cost will be determined by the reason for the mistake. More than one party may be responsible for costs. Dispute resolution facilities are available through the Building Services Authority.


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