Applying for a Food Business Licence

All licensable food businesses including fixed premises, mobile premises and temporary stalls are required to be licensed by Council. If you wish to operate a licensable food business in the Gympie Regional Council area, you are required to obtain a licence from Council by completing an application form and paying an application fee. The following information will assist you in ensuring your application is complete and that you have considered everything required for submission of an application.

The applicant for the Food Business Licence must be a legal entity ie. a person or a company. A business name or trading name is not a legal entity and cannot be the licence holder.

To make an application for Food Business Licence with Council, you must submit a fully completed form with supporting documentation and the relevant fee.  If your food business is required to have an accredited Food Safety Program, you must apply for this at the same time using the same form.

Council will process your application within 30 days. You will be contacted should additional information be required to process the application; this will extend the processing timeframes. You will be notified when a decision has been made regarding your application.

When approved, you can then carry out any proposed works (eg. construction or fit out) in accordance with the approval conditions.

When you are close to completing the construction of the premises, contact Council's Environment Health Services to arrange a final inspection. You can not open your business until the premises have passed a final inspection.

Council will inspect the premises on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the approval conditions.

Food business premises must be constructed in accordance with the Food Safety Standards - Standard 3.2.2 Food safety practices and general requirementsStandard 3.2.3 Food premises and equipment Standard 3.2.2 Food safety practices and general requirements and Standard 3.2.3 Food premises and equipment.


Fixed premises (including home based domestic kitchens)

A fixed premises, for a food business, means a building or other structure, or part of a building or other structure, that has a permanent address.

Examples could include:

  • Food manufacturers (e.g. cannery, production of packaged ice)
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Delicatessens
  • Takeaway food shops
  • Motels/Hotels providing meals with accommodation
  • Bakeries
  • Home-based businesses

It is recommended that you contact the following areas of Council prior to submitting your Food Business Licence application, as your project may require separate approvals to comply with a number of different Acts.

Development Planning,

Building Services and

Plumbing Services

For further information on what is a home-based Food Business in a domestic kitchen please click here

Mobile and temporary premises

  • Operating at an event or a market

If you want to prepare or handle unpackaged food for retail sale from a temporary stall at an event such as a fete, market or show, you will need a Food Business Licence from Gympie Regional Council.

Council offers two types of Food Business Licences for temporary food premises:

  • Event specific (market stall) application.

This allows you to operate a stall on one occasion only, for up to 4 consecutive days. Single event licences cannot be renewed, and require a lodgement of a new licence application and payment of the fee each time you operate.

  • Annual temporary food premises (market stall) application.

This requires only one application and one initial fee, and you can operate any number of times in that year. The annual licence is renewable and renewal notices are issued 60 days before expiry.

For mobile or temporary premises, you will require additional approvals depending on the location of your proposed business:

  • Operating on privately owned land
    A development permit may be required.  Contact Council’s Development Planning to discuss your proposal – or phone 1300 307 800.
  • Operating on a main road
    An approval (road corridor permit) from Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads is required. To find out more visit the department's website or phone 07 5482 0333.

Contact Council’s Environmental Health Services to discuss your proposal prior to lodging an application or phone 1300 307 800.

  • Operating on the beach or national parks campgrounds
    Approval from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is required. Contact the Tewantin office on phone (07) 5449 8238.


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