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Be Connected

What is Be Connected?
Be Connected is an Australia wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. We have online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners - the Be Connected Network - who offer in-person support so you can develop your digital skills and confidence. Find a local place for friendly help and advice, or join the Network to help others.

Be Connected is a web based video service with more than 3,000 engaging top-quality courses and 150,000 video tutorials for learning the latest commercial software, creative and business skills.

GCF LearnFree

GCF Learn Free

Learn what you want, when you want, free!  Access the full suite of Microsoft Office training programs, basic maths, career development and more. Mobile apps available to learn on the go.

Cyber Smart


A national cybersafety and cybersecurity education program.



An interactive community service teaching learn to swim techniques from Queensland's largest swim school organisation.