Online Exhibitions

The State Library of Queensland website showcases a range of online exhibitions, including materials from the collection which have been digitised and made available online.

Discover the many treasures and significant collections of the State Library of Queensland with .....

'Showcase' by the State Library of Queensland

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Different collections and services are highlighted at Showcase and will change throughout the year. Here are only a few of the collections....

'Freedom Then, Freedom Now'

This exhibition explores freedom in Queensland, concentrating on life since the Second World War. The themes range from the censorship of books and magazines to changing notions of what is and is not appropriate dress.

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'Our Dreaming'

Explore an immersive landscape of vibrant animations from Aboriginal Nations Australia's The Dreaming series.

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'Transforming Tindale'

A thought provoking journey into Norman Tindale's collection 1938 anthropological expedition to Aboriginal communications and what it means to Aboriginal people and its place in Queensland's history.

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'Discover the Queenslander'

This showcase features nearly 1000 coloured covers and illustrated pages from The Queenslander newspaper (weekly summary and literary edition of the Brisbane Courier, now The Courier-Mail, published from 1866-1936). The images can be explored by year, topic and colour.

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