1,000 Books Before School

Gympie Regional Libraries wants to help ensure your children get the best start in life. What better way to achieve this than by encouraging parents and carers to read to and with their children?

Research shows that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers develop literacy skills by listening to stories, engaging with pictures, singing, rhyming and ‘reading together’. The more books children hear, the better prepared they are when it comes time for them to learn how to read.

That’s what 1,000 Books Before School is all about. 1,000 books before school sounds like a lot, however when you break it down, it’s very manageable. If you start from birth, you only need to read 200 per year, and most parents read at least 3 books in one sitting.

1,000 Books Before School

Drop into one of the six Gympie Regional Libraries and register today - membership is free. You get a 1,000 Books Before School program bag, a booklet and stickers to keep track of the books you read. The library is a great place to kick starts your reading: where else can you find 1,000 books for free? Trained staff can also help you select appropriate books for your children​.



Click on the YouTube link to see what 1,000 Books Before School is all about.