Waste FAQs

Why should people pay for dumping rubbish?

Council takes on the responsibility of your waste for a fee, managing it in an environmentally ethical manner on your behalf, whether this is by kerbside collection or accepting your waste at our waste management facilities. 

This year, Council has removed the annual waste management charge from rates notices and implemented a user-pays method of disposal in its place.

This user-pays method of disposal encourages residents to be environmentally responsible through increased recycling, which is free to dispose of at Council's waste management facilities. 

At home, separating your waste from recycling means that less waste goes to landfill which reduces our environmental footprint and helps to pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

Why do we need a bin service?

Council has extended the designated waste collection areas to allow the standard waste and recycling wheelie bin collection service to be made available to more than 1400 ratepayers, who were previously without this service.

The extension of the kerbside collection service reduces the reliance on rural transfer stations for the regular disposal of domestic waste, helps to reduce waste volumes and increases recycling. 

It is more cost effective and environmentally responsible for Council to collect waste directly from properties, rather than have thousands of vehicles coming to waste management facilities to dispose of small household volumes of waste. 

Why are some waste management facilities closing? 

A number of changes are being implemented as part of Council’s Regional Waste Management Strategy 2013-2020.

Under the Environmental Protection Act, Council has an obligation to monitor and rehabilitate closed landfill sites. In order to meet these obligations, the Southside Waste Transfer Station was required to close.

The Traveston Waste Transfer Station closed due to the extension of kerbside collection services in this area. This will also be the case for the Tansey and Woolooga Bulk Bin sites, which will close on 1 October, 2017. 

How do I know what changes have occurred in my area?

To understand what changes are taking place in your area please click here or contact Council on 1300 307 800.