The Noise Magazine

The Noise Magazine project provides a proactive platform for young people to have a voice within the Gympie region.

The Noise Magazine has a team of young people who actively contribute to the development of the magazine, participate in the planning and implementation of a range of community based projects, and provides a forum for young people within the Gympie region to express ideas, promote initiatives and put forward proposals.

As is best practice, the program has been led by the community. We actively engage young people in all aspects of program development, planning and implementation and today they remain the heart and soul of The Noise Magazine.

The Noise Magazine is now a website based magazine and can be found at



Award winning

In 2012, The Noise Magazine project was awarded as the number one youth project in Australia by winning the National Award for Youth Engagement & Participation at the National Awards for Local Government.


The Noise Magazine is a Gympie Regional Council project started in June 2003 by a young person intent on providing a free publication for youth, discussing commonly faced issues, and encouraging contributions from other young people. The quarterly magazine is produced by the Youth and Community Development Unit.

In 2010, changes were made in the magazine's development and structure. The Noise Magazine is now written by local young people who together form The Noise Magazine Committee.

The Noise Magazine has since become more than just a youth publication, but a real voice of youth within the Gympie region.

In September 2011, The Noise Magazine obtained support from the local newspaper, The Gympie Times, whereby the magazine is printed and distributed throughout the region as an insertion into the newspaper (and will continue to be available through the usual channels).

This development allowed for a full colour magazine (where it had previously been printed in greyscale) and increased its original distribution numbers sixfold.

To celebrate the rebirth of The Noise Magazine, the issue counter has been reset and the first issue of the new-look magazine was released in December 2011.

Written for youth, by youth, The Noise Magazine is on an exponential expansion route.