Gympie Regional Council and COVID-19

Gympie Regional Council is monitoring developments relating to Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) daily and assessing any potential impact on council services and events.

No core services at this stage have been impacted and we aim to maintain our current level of service to residents and businesses during this period. Should this change, we will notify residents immediately.

We take advice on all public health matters from the state and federal health departments.


E-Commerce Grants for Business now available

The COVID-19 crisis has escalated the need for businesses to adapt from the traditional shopfront retail model to a model that includes e-commerce, in order to survive in the short term and thrive in the long term. To assist local retailers with this transition, Council has introduced a pilot E-Commerce Grants Program to help fast-track a new distribution channel for the retail sector.

This grant is open to eligible retail businesses operating in the Gympie region.


Key Dates

The E-Commerce Grants are available now. Applications close on 30 May 2020, however, approvals will be progressively rolled out as businesses apply. The grant program may close early should all funding be allocated ahead of 30 May 2020.

Click here to find out more or apply for an E-Commerce Grant


Support Local

This Gympie Regional Council initiative is designed to support local businesses during this challenging time.

To list your business details for free with the Gympie Times, please email your business name, address, trading hours and phone number to

The Gympie Times will then publish your information over the coming weeks.

For more information, phone 1300 307 800 or email


Business Resources and Information COVID-19


COVID-19 Business Information and Referral Service

Gympie Regional Council with support from the Regional Chambers of Commerce and the Business Leap Program understand that as a business, you need relevant up-to-date information about financial support services during the COVID-19 response and recovery stages.

As of Monday 30th March 2020, Council will provide a business information service to assist you with rate deferral and payment plans, fee and charges waivers and, to connect you with appropriate state and federal funding programs that may also assist you.   We also welcome businesses to come forward if they believe that under the current circumstances, consideration should be given to relaxing some of the restrictions they are required to operate under.

Please call - 1300 307 800, should you wish to access this service.


Consolidated Information Package

With so much information already being generated, we’ve taken the liberty of summarising the state and federal assistance packages that may be available to you (see attached) and have provided contact details for a range of other useful organisations that may be of assistance to you during these unprecedented times. 


COVID Business Response Checklist

This checklist provides a summary of key areas to consider the response to the COVID-19 virus and its associated impact, potential risks and opportunities. If you are not sure where to start, this resource may be useful.


Supporting Gympie region businesses to go online

In unprecedented restrictions to the way businesses are able to operate, many have turned to online selling in an attempt to keep contact with their customers. Businesses in the region may need to pivot from a shop front retail model to e-commerce in order to survive in the short term, and potentially thrive in the long term. This guide provides a starting point to navigate to online selling.


Business Intelligence and Information

In the meantime, we are also keen to understand exactly where the pinch points are for your company during this time, and would ask you to engage with us in the relation to the questions posed below.  The reason we’re asking, is to be able to connect you to appropriate business solutions or to find alternative ways for you to continue in to the future.

Apart from the obvious impacts of COVID-19, we would like to understand what, if any of the following challenges may be impacting you now or will impact you as we move in to a recovery phase:

  • Import restrictions resulting in the inability to source products vital to your businesses’ capacity to manufacture, build and or produce
  • Export restrictions on current distribution channels and key markets resulting in surplus stock, widgets and or produce
  • Increased or decreasing sales caused directly by COVID-19
  • Human resource challenges including staff lay-offs, having to recruit more staff or the skills that you need are not available
  • Other, please outline


At this stage, we are only looking for very brief, dot point information and would ask you to send your insights to us using the following email address:

Any insights and intel that you do choose to share with us will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to help us to formulate a strong business recovery plan for our region.

We know that we can’t solve the challenges caused by COVID-19, but we hope that the Information and Referral Line and the Consolidated Assistance document will at least be helpful during this tough time.


Links to resources, information and support relating to COVID-19 for business and industry below.

Federal Government - COVID-19 Business information and government assistance (including financial assistance):

AusIndustry - Support for existing government program participants and applicants: 

Qld. State Government - Business Assistance COVID-19: 

Australian Taxation Office COVID-19, support for businesses and FAQ's 

Business Development & TrainingOnline Webinars Online Webinars, training and development opportunity for our local businesses.  

Online and Social Media Business Trading - opportunity for local businesses to expand from local to external markets. 


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ)

COVID-19 Webinar Series - Register online for coronavirus-specific webinars on managing your people, working remotely, tips in reducing your operating costs, and government support

Coronavirus Resource Centre - A series of resources, guides and news to help you get prepared for the coronavirus. 

FREE COVID-19 Templates - The top HR paperwork you need to provide a safe and compliant working environment for your staff.

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Free CCIQ membership – for new members, free 12 month membership including HR advice. 


For Industry Sectors



Health Care & Social Services


Retail Trade


Manufacturing / Industry


Education and Training


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Food & Agribusiness Network (FAN) represents the Greater Sunshine Coast Region, encompassing Gympie and provides support to members. 



Queensland Building and Construction Commission