Stormwater drainage

Issues relating to the excessive discharge of stormwater either the concentration of stormwater from an upstream owner or the blockage of stormwater by a downstream owner, should be referred to the owner of the property.

Often people don't realise how their activities are impacting others. Having a chat to discuss the matter of concern, can often be all it takes to fix the situation.  If this approach is unsuccessful, see neighbourhood dispute resolution for effective remedies to resolve disputes.

For issues relating to drainage concentration or blockage on council controlled land such as roads and parks, submit a customer request or contact us.

Stormwater entering sewers

Stormwater usually flows in a network of pipes, completely separate to the sewerage system. Some residents have channelled their stormwater to the sewers by illegally connecting downpipes, or building up their land so stormwater flows into the grated sewer traps alongside their home.  During a downpour, this excess water can cause the sewer pipes to overflow.  For health and safety, avoid any overflows. Contact us if the overflow does not subside with the rain to report a suspected blockage.


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