Starting a new food business

Do I need a food business licence?

A licence must be obtained from us to conduct the following food business activities:

  • Manufacturing food

    • making food for wholesale by combining ingredients
    • bottling or canning food
    • packing unpackaged food, other than unprocessed primary produce.
    • making and packaging of ice (with the exception of making ice at a particular venue for use at that venue).
    • making biscuits or cakes for retail sale for profit (for example, baking at home, then selling at stalls, markets or fetes etc).
    • significantly changing the condition or nature of food by any process such as milling flour, peeling, cutting or freezing vegetables.
  • Sale of unpackaged food by retail (not a not-for-profit organisation)

    • a restaurant or delicatessen
    • a catering business
    • a takeaway pizza shop
    • a motel supplying meals with accommodation
    • a food business selling unpackaged food from a motor vehicle or vending machine.
  • Sale of meals prepared by a not-for-profit organisation at a particular place on at least 12 days each financial year

    • a restaurant operated by a sporting club to raise revenue for the club
    • a non-profit organisation preparing and selling meals to homeless persons at a homeless persons' hostel
    • the preparation of meals by Meals on Wheels.


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