Nuisance smoke and fumes

When we investigate complaints about smoke and fumes, we will consider:

  • the amount of smoke or fumes being emitted;
  • how long the smoke or fumes are emitted for, and the characteristics and qualities;
  • the sensitivity of, and impact on the environment;
  • the view of other neighbours or complainants.

How can I reduce the smoke emissions from my chimney?

  • Choose firewood carefully - wet or green timber produces more smoke than dry aged timber.  Do not burn manufactured timber products (eg. chipboard) or treated/painted timber.
  • Stack wood under cover in a dry ventilated area - wood should be air-dried for at least eight months before it is ready to burn.
  • Burn the fire brightly – a brightly burning fire with air controls open produces less smoke.
  • Keep air controls open at night - do not shut the air controls overnight as this causes excessive smoke.
  • Clean and maintain your chimney at the beginning and end of winter each year.


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