Sewered residential plumbing (Fast Track) applications

(Most new residential dwellings, sheds or domestic out-buildings - Class 1a and 10a buildings)

This information is designed to assist you with the preparation of the required documentation for a plumbing application for a sewered residential site, so that it may be assessed in a timely manner.

Please note, applications missing information may experience processing delays.

The expected timeframe for a plumbing application on a sewered residential site is 48 hours.

Alterations or additions to existing structures

If your application relates to an addition or alteration to an existing structure, you may not need to complete this application.  Your building certifier may advise you to engage a concurrence agency to determine if an application is necessary.

STEP 1 – Complete the checklist and application form

Complete the Class 1A and 10A plumbing checklist PBCK066 to ensure you have met all the requirements for council to process your application. A detailed explanation of requirements follows the checklist.

The site plan must be drawn to a suitable scale and show:

  • the scale clearly, indicating the north point
  • the allotment boundary dimensions
  • proposed setbacks to the building from boundaries and any easements
  • existing structures and appropriate uses
  • easements on the property
  • service locations eg sewer, water and septic tanks and soakage trenches
  • the method of stormwater disposal (including location and size of all rainwater tanks and the location and size of all down pipes and pipes leading to the tank/s)
  • the extent of any earthworks - any cut and fill operations
  • the type of retaining structure or slope protection required with levels and heights nominated
  • any means of site drainage
  • floor level in relation to proposed  finished ground levels adjacent to the building
  • any existing drainage.

STEP 2 – Complete the state government forms

Please note: ‘Request for work to be inspected’: Before the responsible person asks the local government to inspect the work, the responsible person must give the local government a Form 7 stating the responsible person’s name and contact details.

STEP 3 – Submit your application

Submit your compiled application.

In person at:

Planning and Development
29 Channon Street
Gympie,  Qld 4570

Include a cheque for the applicable fees and post to:

PO Box 155
Gympie,  Qld  4570

STEP 4 – Approval and inspections

Once plumbing permit has been granted, a development application Permit Information Notice and approved plans will be sent to the applicant.

The permit number can be located at the top of the approval and is needed to book any inspections. Details of the required inspections are contained in the information notice conditions.

Inspections can be booked via email on or by phoning (07) 5481 0400. Please allow for 24 hours notice for all inspections.  Please allow one hour variation to the requested time for an inspection, due to constraints and occasional delays.

STEP 5 – Final inspection and Final Inspection Certificate

A final inspection certificate will be issued by Council if all the plumbing and drainage work authorised to be carried out under the permit at final inspection is compliant, operational and fit for use.


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