Cemetery services and interment options


Council manages seven cemeteries throughout the region. See our fees and charges for services provided at any of our cemeteries.

For fees and charges for cemetery services provided by a Cemetery Trust or Committee (including the Gympie, Dickabram and Kandanga Cemetery Trusts/Committee), please contact the Cemetery Trust or Committee directly. 

Their contact information is available with the cemetery details.

Application for Burial/Interment of Ashes

An application is required to be submitted for a Burial or Interment of Ashes.

Click here for the Application Form for Burial/Interment of Ashes 


  • Gravesite purchase, excavation of grave, interment of a coffin and backfilling of grave.
  • Reopening of a grave to permit a second interment.
  • Interment of cremated ashes into a grave – includes gravesite purchase, excavation of grave and backfilling of grave.
  • Exhumation of remains.

Columbarium Walls

  • Single Niches and Double Niches – includes purchase of niche, interment of ashes urn, purchase of plaque and fixing of plaque to wall).

Memorial Gardens

  • Single Niches and Double Niches – includes purchase of garden niche, interment of ashes urn, purchase of plaque and fixing of plaque to wall) (Goomeri and Kilkivan cemeteries only).


  • Reservation of a grave site.
  • Reservation of a columbarium wall niche.
  • Reservation of a memorial garden niche (Goomeri and Kilkivan cemeteries only).

Click here for the application form to reserve Graves and Columbarium Wall Niches. 

Memorial Plaques

A wide range of memorial plaques are available for purchase through Council.  Plaque choices include bronze or granite and can be personalised to include emblems, family crests, illustrations and photographs.

Memories are precious and should be shared with future generations.  A plaque is an item of beauty and great dignity which provides a focus for grieving and a point of reference to a person's existence. By selecting a bronze plaque, you are carrying on a rich and proud tradition.  Bronze is an ageless and elegant metal that has been used for thousands of years to commemorate and memorialise people, places and events.