Cooloola Coast – The Resilient Coast

Cooloola Coast - The Resilient Coast is a program being undertaken by Gympie Regional Council to manage and adapt to current and future coastal hazard impacts on our coastline and communities. Coastal hazards include erosion of our sandy coastlines, and short or long-term inundation of low-lying areas. 

The current focus of the program is the development of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy. The strategy is being funded by the State Government QCoast2100 Program. More information about the process can be found at

The strategy will help Council make more informed decisions in areas that will be affected by coastal hazards. It will support key areas of planning and operations such as:

  • Land use planning and development assessment
  • Infrastructure planning and management including roads, stormwater and foreshores
  • Asset management and planning including nature conservation, recreation, cultural heritage values and other public amenities
  • Community planning
  • Emergency management.

To find out how we’re progressing, view our current project updates:

Find out more about coastal hazards and how we can become more resilient by checking out our fact sheets:


Project timeline

The development of the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy commenced in mid-2018, and is now progressing through the final Phases 5 – 8, with completion due by the end of 2020.

What we have heard so far

Early stages of the program included mapping potential coastal hazard areas, and understanding the range of assets and values of the coast. Information on local coastal processes and values was provided by our communities via an online survey, stakeholder workshops and community information events.


Consultation on the draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy closed 20 November 2020. Council staff are currently reviewing submissions received from members of the community. Click here to view the draft documents, which are in the process of being finalised.


To get involved

If you are interested in Cooloola Coast - The Resilient Coast, please be part of our community consultation. Your ideas and input will be a valuable part of our strategy development.

  • Check this website for regular project updates and fact sheets, upcoming events, and opportunities to participate in surveys and other activities, and comment on the draft strategy (mid-late 2020).
  • Ask the team questions about coastal hazards and the strategy by emailing the project team at