Cooloola Coast – The Resilient Coast


The Cooloola Coast – The Resilient Coast project will better prepare council and the community to respond to coastal hazards such as storm tide flooding, sea level rises and coastal erosion.

Gympie Regional Council is one of 31 coastal councils in Queensland to receive funding from the State Government’s QCoast2100 program to prepare a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS). The Cooloola Coast – The Resilient Coast project team will be working closely with the community to develop a region-specific strategy document that:

  1. identifies key natural and built assets of economic, cultural and community importance in coastal areas of the region
  2. assesses the likelihood of a coastal hazard up until 2100 and the impact a hazard would have on the region’s natural and built assets
  3. develops strategies to respond to coastal hazards to minimise the impact on the community.


Project phases

The project has eight phases:


Council has already completed phases one and two, which involved background planning and scoping.

Phases three and four involve developing an understanding of how coastal hazards may affect the region’s coastline, as well as identifying the assets, such as playgrounds, that may be affected. The outcomes of phases three and four will then inform an assessment of risk based on the likelihood and consequence of impacts from coastal erosion, storm tide flooding and sea level rises projected out to 2100 on identified coastal assets and values.

The project phases are based on the QCoast 2100 minimum standards and guidelines


Get involved

We are keen to get the community involved by understanding what you value most about the coast, tapping into your knowledge of how the coast has changed, and learning how coastal hazards have and can affect the spaces you know and love. 

The community’s input into this project will help shape and influence the outcomes of the CHAS, particularly in relation to the identifying key natural and built assets and developing appropriate response strategies.

If you are a resident who lives along the coast, the Cooloola Coast – The Resilient Coast project team will provide regular updates throughout the project. In addition, residents and local businesses and the community can get involved by:

  • Completing a survey (the survey has now closed and is no longer available) 
  • Attending a pop-up event to learn more about the project (pop up events were held on 18/4/19 and 25/5/19)
  • Becoming a member of the Community Reference Group (CRG) (applications to become a member of the CRG closed 15/8/19)

Find out more about the Community Reference Group

Read the CRG Terms of Reference

  • Attending key stakeholder meetings
    There are a lot of business, tourism operators, property owners, and community who have an interest in assets and spaces along the coast. Dedicated meetings with these groups will be arranged during July 2019.


If you have any questions or comments, you can email the project team at