Rattler benefit steams up local economy

A report detailing the economic performance of the Mary Valley Rattler has been welcomed by Mayor of the Gympie Region, Mick Curran, who today said “it was reassuring, but not surprising, the Rattler enterprise was generating millions for the region”.

The report, prepared for Gympie Regional Council and the Rattler Railway Company, outlines the key performance indicators of the Rattler operation to date with Rattler Railway Company on target to reach 30,000 in its first year of operation.

The report reveals 75 percent of the guests who have travelled on the Mary Valley Rattler came to Gympie especially for the journey. The report also showed 82 percent of these Rattler guests were from outside of the Gympie region while on average each party spent an additional $245 in the region.

This financial year, Rattler operations are forecast to generate $2.3 million in revenue directly from the Mary Valley Rail services and the region will have an additional $2.9 million in spend outside of the Rattler spend.

The ongoing direct and indirect benefit to the local economy is over $10 million. “Quite simply the Rattler’s benefit to this region is now quantified and we can see in plain numbers what this operation is worth to the community,” Cr Curran said.

“The fact is, this project has created jobs, stimulated our economy and ensured the region has a significant tourism product that sets us apart from the rest of our competitors in South East Queensland. “In July alone, the Rattler operation used 70 local suppliers.

“While numbers and money are one thing, it is vitally important to acknowledge the enormous amount of community pride the Rattler fosters through its homage to this region’s rail and cultural heritage, as well as the social outcomes attained particularly through the volunteers. “This has always been the main driver for Council in re-vitalising the Rattler and the key to ensuring its ongoing success,” Cr Curran said.

Chairperson of the Rattler Railway Company Ian McNicol welcomed the report. “The board has worked very hard to ensure the economic return hoped for was achieved. Importantly the board, staff and volunteers are committed to growing the business further,” Mr McNicol said.

Supporting Documents

Mary Valley Rattler Economic Report

Mary Valley Rattler Economic Infographic