Rail Trails

Rail trails are identified within Council's Tracks and Trail Plan as priority outdoor recreation projects, to capitalise on opportunities for re-use of past rail corridors.

Recreation opportunities exist for bushwalkers, mountain bikers and horse riders to experience the Gympie region in a unique way, and appreciate the history of these corridors at the same time.

Two rail trail projects have been identified within the Gympie Regional Council area, between Kilkivan and Kingaroy in the western region, and between Imbil and Brooloo in the Mary Valley.


Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail

 The Kingaroy to Kilkivan Rail Trail is now open to the public (Download Brochure).

The joint project between Gympie Regional Council and South Burnett Regional Council was funded by the State Government. Gympie Regional Council was recognised by the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation as a finalist at the Outdoors Queensland Awards 2017 for its efforts in delivering its section of the trail, as well as other significant outdoor recreation projects across the region.

The distance between Kilkivan and Kingaroy is 88 kms in total along the former railway corridor alignment. The rail trail between Kilkivan, Goomeri and Murgon is a natural formation (unsealed) and most suitable for mountain bikers, bushwalkers and horse riders looking for a more adventurous and true trail experience. The section between Kilkivan and Goomeri takes in these two charming rural townships, expansive farmland and a number of natural waterways along the way. It is important to note that the trail crosses roads, waterways and stock routes between farmland and standing water is present at a number of the waterway crossings. In order to observe State Government waterway legislation and deliver a cost-effective trail, these crossings are predominantly bed level and may require users to move through water. Please take care when doing so and do not attempt to cross in flood events.

From Murgon heading south-west through Wondai, Tingoora, Wooroolin, Memerambi, Crawford and Kingaroy, the rail trail is sealed and is suitable for road bikes and active transport users.


Users need to be aware of the agricultural tick line presently located between Murgon and Wondai, and should contact the State Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries on 137 468 should they require any further information.

For more information on this project please download the brochure, email planningproject@gympie.qld.gov.au or phone 1300 307 800



Mary Valley Rail Trail (Imbil to Brooloo) 

The second rail trail project identified within the Gympie Regional Council Tracks and Trails Plan is the Mary Valley Rail Trail (Imbil to Brooloo).

The Mary Valley Rail Trail uses part of the former historical Mary Valley branch line. The distance between Imbil and Brooloo is 4.7km in total along the former railway corridor alignment.

The Mary Valley branch line was used for agriculture, timber and livestock freight. The line was also used to transport passengers on the Mary Valley Rattler as a tourist attraction between Gympie and Imbil after the line to Brooloo closed in the early 1990s.'


Click here to download the Mary Valley Rail Trail sign for more information.