Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Program

RADF funds are aimed at the development of emerging and professional artists and creative arts workers. The RADF program is subject to annual budget allocations.

RADF grants are offered in the following three funding categories:

Grant Category Summary
Concept Development To assist in the development and research of new ideas and projects.
Individual Skills Development For activities which develop an individual's established art practice.
Community Projects For projects and activities which have a broad reach within the community.


When to apply

The RADF program is now open all year-round with Project Pitches / Expressions of Interest accepted at any time of the year.

Please contact the Council's RADF Liaison Officer for assistance on (07) 5481 0789 or email 

How to apply

It is important that applicants read the Regional Arts Development Fund Grant Guidelines before beginning an application. Applications will be assessed against the specific eligibility and assessment criteria outlined in the Grant Guidelines. 

Applying for a RADF grant is a two-stage process:

  • You will need to speak to the RADF Liaison Officer then complete a Project Pitch / Expression of Interest (EOI) Form.
  • Project Pitches / Expressions of Interest are reviewed by the Arts and Cultural Reference Panel and successful proposals are invited to submit a full online application. 

* An EOI is not required for the Individual Development Category. 

Click here to view the Regional Arts Development Fund Fact Sheet. 


Click here to submit your RADF grant application.

Quick Response applications

Quick response applications can be submitted anytime after 3 January 2018 while RADF grant funds remain.

Applicants must demonstrate a genuine reason for applying outside of the normal funding round.

Refer to the RADF Grant Guidelines for other eligibility applicable to Quick Response.


Reporting requirements

Recipients of RADF grants are required to submit a project outcome report no more than eight (8) weeks after the completion date of the funded project. Please select the report template applicable to the financial year and/or grant category of the funded project. 


Further information and support

For further information and assistance contact Council’s RADF Liaison Officer on 1300 307 800 or via email at


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