Queensland University of Technology Inclusive Communities Project

Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) with the support of regional local governments (including Clarence City Council in Tasmania and Gympie Regional Council ), is finding out how we can better plan communities to be more inclusive for all people across all ages. 
The focus is on people with disabilities and/or chronic illness (including people with mental health needs) living in regional areas. 
Disability is a natural part of human diversity, and everyone will have an experience of disability over their life, whether this is you, a family member, friend or colleague. People with a disability can be any age (from birth through to older age), race, gender and class.  Disability can also be temporary or episodic.

Over the next three years, QUT and Gympie Regional Council will be seeking input from Gympie region’s community members to increase understanding of what inclusive community means and how we can better plan to achieve this.
For more information on the project visit https://www.planninginclusivecommunities.com/

Would you like to participate?

We are in the first stage of the research. In this stage, we are finding out what inclusive communities means to people. We also want to find out about your community and how inclusive it is for people with disabilities and/or chronic illness. You can participate through a short questionnaire or story board. Visit https://www.planninginclusivecommunities.com/get-involved to participate.

Click here to see a short video showing how you can participate.

Click here to complete a short questionnaire.

Local Research Advisory Group 

The Local Research Advisory Groups are for people who identify as a person with a disability and/or chronic illness, who are 16 years and older, and who live in Clarence City Council or Gympie Regional Council areas. A family member of a child with a disability and/or chronic illness 15 years and under who live in either area can also apply to join. If you would like to join your Local Advisory Research Group visit https://www.planninginclusivecommunities.com/local-research-advisory-groups 

This project is being led by Dr Lisa Stafford of QUT and is funded by the Australian Research Council under DE190101512 - ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).