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Planning act 2016 - Proposed amendments to the Gympie Regional Council planning scheme 2013, planning scheme policy 1: Development standards, and local government infrastructure plan

Notice is given under the Planning Act 2016 that the Gympie Regional Council is proposing major amendments, titled Amendment Package 2, to the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme 2013 (the Planning Scheme) and Planning Scheme Policy 1: Development Standards (PSP1), as well as an interim amendment to the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).

Amendment Package 2 also includes a number of other minor and administrative amendments.

The purpose and general effect of the proposed amendments in Amendment Package 2 is to clarify existing planning policy positions on a number of matters, as well as set new policy positions in response to emerging issues following detailed planning investigations. These changes will aid in delivering better development outcomes and easier interpretation of the Planning Scheme by all users.

The proposed amendments to the Planning Scheme, PSP1 and LGIP include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating various Planning Scheme map sets to incorporate new State government data (e.g. Bushfire Hazard);
  • Zoning amendments;
  • Amendments to the Infrastructure and Operational Works Code;
  • Amendments to the Reconfiguring a Lot Code;
  • Amendments to Planning Scheme Policy 1: Development Standards;
  • New operational works triggers in the Tables of Assessment;
  • The introduction of two new codes:
    • Home-Based Business Code
    • Advertising Devices Code
  • Amendments to Temporary Uses;
  • Relocation of certain sections and provisions in zone codes that are now detailed in consolidated codes (to avoid duplication);
  • Refinement of provisions for private open space and communal space for Dual Occupancies;
  • Amendments to car parking rates to address anomalies for particular uses;
  • General improvements focusing on improving the clarity of council’s policy intent (e.g. redrafting provisions with clearer language and intent);
  • Removal of sections in Planning Scheme Policy 1: Development standards and in the Local Government Infrastructure Plan that refer to water and sewer requirements and replace these with references to the WBBROC Design and Construct Codes (where relevant).

Public consultation on the proposed amendments commences Monday 8 July 2019 and closes Friday 02 August 2019. All submissions must be received by council on or before this date.

During the consultation period, a copy of the proposed amendments that form Amendment Package 2 can be viewed and/or purchased at council’s Planning and Development building, 29 Channon Street, Gympie during normal office hours. Copies of the proposed amendment package will also be available on council’s website during this period at

Any person may make a submission about any aspect of the proposed major amendments to the Planning Scheme, PSP1 and interim amendment to the LGIP. Submissions are to be:

  • in writing;
  • signed by each person who has made the submission (unless the submission is made electronically);
  • state the name and address of each person making the submission; and
  • state the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on to support the grounds of the submission; and
  • received no later than 5:00pm on Friday 2 August 2019.

All submissions must be addressed to The Chief Executive Officer, Gympie Regional Council, PO Box 155, Gympie QLD 4570.

Submissions can also be made via email to

Please call council on 1300 307 800 or email for
information about the proposed amendments to the Gympie Regional Council Planning
Scheme 2013.