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INVITATION TO TENDER NO. PSA0122 Preferred Supplier Arrangement for Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance and Service

Tenders are invited for provision of on-site fire protection equipment maintenance services across a number of areas in the Gympie Regional Council region.

Documents are available from the VendorPanel website at Tenderers must be registered with the VendorPanel site to be able to download documents, request information and submit a Tender.

Suitably endorsed Tenders close at the below website address at 2pm on 19 November 2019. In accordance with s228(8) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Regulation), Council may decide not to accept any tenders it receives.

In accordance with s288(9) of the Regulation any accepted tender must be the one deemed most advantageous to Council. It is noted that the lowest price tender may not be the most advantageous.

All Tenders must be submitted via the VendorPanel website