Our Towns - Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is one of the region’s top tourist destinations. Making improvements to this tourism hot spot is an important step towards maintaining it as an attractive and desirable place to live, work and visit.


Undergrounding power lines and street light upgrade (Stage 1)

One of the first improvements to make along Rainbow Beach’s main street was to move the power lines on Rainbow Beach Road (Clarkson Drive to Kirchner Avenue) underground and upgrade the existing street lighting. Works commenced in October 2019 and the project was completed in May 2020. This work was jointly funded by the Gympie Regional Council and the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland Program, with an additional contribution from Energex.


Town centre improvement works (Stage 2)

The second stage of works focuses on improving the safety and accessibility of the main street. It will deliver additional parking, a central crossing, street trees, landscaping, and street furniture in targeted locations.

The design process for Stage 2 is currently underway. The community was invited to have their say on the proposed design elements and scope of work listed below from 20 July 2020 until 14 August 2020.

  • Approximately 8-10 additional parking bays by removing the unnecessary central U-turn facility.
  • A new, central raised pedestrian crossing.
  • New gardens and landscaping.
  • New public seating throughout the street.
  • Additional recycling and relocated rubbish bins.
  • Improvements to the crossing to the foreshore at Kirchner Avenue.

A copy of the Community Engagement Survey circulated during the consultation can be viewed here.


Community Engagement Outcomes (August 2020)

The community engagement phase for the Stage 2 works has now closed. Feedback received covered a range of issues both in and out of the project scope and was generally supportive of the proposed improvements. Council have considered all of the feedback, investigated potential outcomes in response to matters raised and refined the proposed design. A refined design has been prepared in response to the key themes that emerged through the consultation including:

  • Support for the proposed central pedestrian crossing
  • the merits of maintaining a vehicle turn around in the centre of the precinct
  • the need for shade
  • the importance of parking (including some requests for the introduction of time limits)
  • suggestions around incorporating the ‘rainbow colours’ theme.

Further liaison with landowners and traders, particularly those traders closest to the work areas, will be undertaken in late September/early October as part of finalising the detailed design and construction program, and managing possible impacts during construction.

Stage 2 works commenced on Monday, 12 October 2020. The majority of works are expected to be completed before the December/January school holidays.


Construction timeline

Construction stage Construction status

1.  Tree planting

COMPLETED 15 October 2020

2.  Rainbow Beach Road (crossing)


3.  Kirchner Avenue (crossing)


4.  Clarkson Road (corner)


5.  Street furniture (seats, bins & bike racks)


6.  Project completed

TBA - expected to be December 2020


Project funding and background

The Rainbow Beach Our Towns – Streetscape Revitalisation project is an initiative of the Queensland Government under the Works for Queensland Program, with $1m secured to deliver improvements across the two stages of the project.

The “Our Towns” Concept Master Plan for Rainbow Beach has identified the priority improvements being delivered through the current works. The master plan was endorsed at Council’s Ordinary Meeting on 19 July 2017 and is available for viewing here.