Our Towns - Kandanga Revisited

Kandanga benefited from the first round of the ‘Our Towns’ Sustainable Centre Program which focused on supporting and enhancing the Kandanga township as an attractive and desirable place to live, work and play.

The Our Towns Concept Master Plan for Kandanga, which was developed in 2013, has been integrated into this strategy to supersede the original and will guide future rounds of implementation for streetscape and public realm improvements. 

Improvements to landscaping and the setting of the war memorial on Main Street were a direct result of the project with future work now prioritised accordingly.

‘Kandanga Revisited’ is in response to five key former state-owned sites within the Kandanga township being divested into Council’s ownership for the communities future use.

The project aims to develop a Community Land Use Plan over the five sites which best represents the communities preferred outcomes.

Council undertook public consultation in November 2015 asking the community to complete feedback forms to assist in developing a Community Land Use Plan over five key sites in Kandanga.  

The Community Land Use Strategy below represents the community's perferred outcomes over the five sites.


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