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Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

Council has reviewed its 5-Year corporate plan which is a key strategic planning tool that defines council's vision for the future of the Gympie region to be the natural choice to live, work and play. The Draft Corporate Plan 2017-2022 sets out 31 specific actions linked back to 5 key strategic themes all aimed at helping council achieve its vision. This new plan will assist council in policy development and in guiding its operational activities as outlined in the annual operational plan.

Draft Corporate Plan 2017-2022 [PDF 2.2MB]

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan 2015-2016 details a range of activities Council has planned to undertake across the financial year period that directly further the actions and strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan.

Operational Plan 2015-2016 [PDF 1.15MB]

Local Disaster Management Plan

Local Disaster Management Plan

The Local Disatser Management Plan provides details about our disaster risk managment, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Local Disaster Management Plan [PDF 605KB]

Gympie Region: Perfectly Placed for Growth

The Gympie Region Economic Development Strategy 2014 - 2019 outlines plans and strategies to help develop the Gympie region's existing industries and businesses and key projects to be pursued to change the region's economy, for a sustainable future.

Economic Development Strategy 2014-2019 [PDF 2.1MB]

Mary Valley Addendum (PDF)

Environment Strategy

The Environment Strategy will guide council into the future to undertake the following:

  • Improve the protection of the natural environment.
  • Increase the awareness of the changing environment; and put in place a system for council to reduce its ecological footprint.
  • Promote a shared responsibility for the natural environment.

Environment Strategy [PDF 1.9MB]

Pest Management Plan

Pest Management Plan

The Pest Mangement Plan addresses the control of environmental weeds and other non-declared pests which may have a detrimental effect on Gympie communities.

2011-2015 Pest Management Plan [PDF 4.5MB]