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Media comment: River to Rail trail and bushfire hazards in the region

Gympie Regional Council will respond to flood or water damage occurred after an event as part of the on-going maintenance program, the River to Rail Trail is included in this work as are roads, bridges and parks.

Media comment: Changes to infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges help council fund some of the major infrastructure work within the region, such as major water mains, sewerage treatment plant upgrades and regional parks.

Media comment: Increases to staff

Gympie Regional Council has not had a significant increase in staff numbers, however, the numbers will reflect Council’s move away from an employment model using external employment agencies.

Media comment: Gympie Regional Council Biosecurity Draft Plan (Invasive Plants and Animals) 2018 - 2022

The Gympie Regional Council Biosecurity Plan has been produced as a central document for the community to access and better understand the responsibilities of Council, Government, landholders and the general public in regard to invasive plants and animals.

Media comment: Koala roadside clearings

Gympie Regional Council encourages residents to contact staff should they wish to clear land as Council will be able to advice, based on the area, placement, type of vegetation and level of clearing or development.

Media comment: Financial discrepancy - 2016-17 Budget

The 2016/17 Council budget process was commenced in mid-January 2016, and considered the best estimate of likely financial outcome up to the time of the budget adoption.

Media comment: Gympie region is growing

We’re not surprised the Gympie Region is growing and people are looking to base themselves here.

Media comment: Gympie TAFE building

Gympie Regional Council, TAFE and USC have had some discussion regarding the future of the site, however Council has made no formal decision regarding the matter.

Media comment: River to Rail Trail Walk

The planning and development of the River to Rail trail was created with a full and researched understanding of the water levels and the affect these would have on the project into the future.