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Straight from the horse’s mouth – Council’s ‘Ask the Mayor’

‘Ask the Mayor’ is Gympie Regional Council’s newest transparency initiative. It is a bi-monthly question and answer platform aimed at encouraging residents to submit questions for Mayor Glen Hartwig to answer.  

The Mayor will be filmed responding to as many questions as he can in 90 seconds, with the footage posted onto Gympie Regional Council’s Facebook page.  The aim is to encourage community involvement and reduce any misinformation circulating in the community. 

Mayor Glen Hartwig said ‘Ask the Mayor’ is another great way of creating transparency between council and the community.

“I encourage all residents to submit a question, no matter how big or small. Now’s your chance to ask me anything; rates, roads or what I had for breakfast, go for gold.

“I won’t see the questions beforehand and I will only have 90 seconds. So no frills, no longwinded explanations, just straight-forward honest answers.” He said.

If you would like to get involved in ‘Ask the Mayor’, submissions can be made online or in person - all questions will be anonymous. 

The submission period will be available from Friday 16 July until Friday 23 July 2021.

If you would like to submit your question in person, a submission box will be located at the Customer Service desk at Town Hall, Gympie. To submit your question online, please visit