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Media release: Gympie Rattler Railway Station roof gets a face lift

1 June 2018

The Gympie Rattler Railway workshop has received a face lift.

Council contracted Queensland Absestos Mangement Services (QAMS) in May 2018 to remove 750sqm of asbestos roofing from the roof, gables and guttering of the workshop on Chapple Street.

Locally-based plumbing contractor, Newks Plumbing, installed the new clear-sheeted roof, which siginifcantly brightens the workshop interior.

Gympie Regional Mayor Mick Curran said the new roof not only freshens up the historic space, but is expected to reduce electricity costs.

“It’s important to Council and the Rattler Railway Company that the workshop space is practical and safe to use,” he said.

“The new clear roof allows a lot more natural light into the room and adds a modern touch to the look and feel of the building”.

Council has already provided a total of $90k in the overall project budget to enable the safe removal of asbestos and re-sheeting.

The works are part of the larger revitalisation project which has included the restoration of track and bridges and associated infrastructure which is rapidly to completion.