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Media release: Bridge work update

4 June 2018

Work is almost complete on the rail corridor in the lead up to the Mary Valley Rattler returning as a major tourism attraction for the region. 
Structural repairs will be completed on all 15 bridges along the Mary Valley Line by the end of the week.
“It’s really an exciting time for the project.” Mayor Mick Curran said.
“With the line heading for completion, this means work can commence next week with a range of activities on the track itself. The Ballast Regulator will be running back and forth between Gympie and Amamoor to settle the track, plus you may also see or hear the road signals being tested in preparation.” 
This week’s schedule includes (weather permitting):
  • Rectification of identified track defect. EG: missing/loose bolts, mis-aligned sleepers, omitted rail screws, general clean up
  • Distribution of ballast for alignment adjustment and top up
  • Level crossing at Dagun Road to be lifted out (rail & sleepers), install new crossing (pre-prepared rail & sleepers) with reinstatement of asphalt. Scheduled for Wednesday 6 June. Temporary side-track and traffic control will be in place during these works. 
  • Complete initial assessment of geometric compliance of the rail alignment using a KRAB Track Geometry Recording Machine. 
  • Complete an additional pass of the KRAB Track Geometry Recording Machine following alignment adjustment, providing a base line for review following works by Ballast Regulator
  • Deep Creek
    • Complete anti-corrosion coatings to bottom flanges of steel girders
    • Complete earthworks around Pier 14 (southern end bridge).
    • Complete clean up 

‚ÄčThe 15 bridges include: Station Road, Crescent Road, John Street, Nashville, Deep Creek, Mary River, Trout Road, Lagoon Pocket Road, Butler Road, Gilldora, Klotz Road (500m north of Dagun Station), Dagun Creek (200m south of Dagun Station), Hutchins Road 17.94, Hutchins Road 18.00 and Amamoor Creek.