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Media comment: Translink in the Gympie region

9 May 2018

Gympie Times


Please provide comments on Translink Services in the Gympie region:

Translink is responsible for the city bus services in Gympie. 

Council fully supports an increase in local transport options for residents and has been working in partnership with Translink to achieve this.

After Council raised issues around lack of bus services in Gympie in 2014, Translink convened a workshop in early 2015 with their contracted bus operator, a number of Council staff and local TMR officers.  The workshop concluded that the level of service being provided in Gympie is much less than required for the population.  A large number of desired improvements were identified, mostly around the poor coverage of the existing bus network and the low frequency and long travel times of the bus services. It was agreed that the existing low patronage of the Gympie city bus service was due to the very low level of service provided, which is less than that required of the lowest standard Translink bus network.

Since that time, Translink has not progressed its review. After a number of enquiries from Council staff, Translink recently advised that it does not intend to conduct a review of Gympie’s urban bus network at this stage. Translink has further advised that its’ priorities for Gympie include a branding roll out and improving existing bus stops for people living with disabilities. Council would consider that these are not the most pressing issues at the current time, with more bus routes and shorter route times being priority. Council will continue to raise these concerns with the operator.

Further comments should be sought from Translink directly.