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Media comment: Material change of use application

7 February 2018

Widgee Engineering - Material change of use application  

The Gympie Times


Please make comment on the Widgee Engineering’s second development application:

As the application is still in assessment stage as part of the legislated process, and is yet to return to Council for consideration; council cannot comment on the matter.


Does Council support a public meeting to discuss the future of Widgee Engineering?

Yes. Should any community or business wish to organise or run a public meeting, this is not a matter for Council. However, Council staff and Councillors often attend public meetings when invited or engaged.


Widgee engineering have resubmitted their material use of land application. Can Council provide an update on where the process is up to?

The application has now commenced public exhibition ie: the application is on display for public to provide feedback. This can be found on the Council website:

A hard copy file can also be accessed from the Planning and Development office at reception for those who do not have access to the website.

Public exhibition will close on February 23, 2018 when Council will collate the submissions/feedback and provide a report to Council. 

A decision for or against the application will then be made by the 9 elected Councillors.


Has Council directed any parties to stop publishing meetings and cease correspondence with media?

Gympie Regional Council staff would not advise any member of the public not to make contact with media or publish meetings.


How important is local business to the Gympie Regional Council?

It is imperative to the Council for local business to succeed and grow.

In order to create liveable places, council endeavours to achieve a strong balance of economic and social wellbeing. The Gympie Futures branch in Council focus on economic development, including commercial and small business.


If Widgee Engineering closes (for whatever reason) are there contingencies in place for employees to find work in other sectors of the community?

Should this occur, Council’s Gympie futures team will offer employees career development support.