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Management plan for Deep Creek fossicking area - 19 February 2014

Council has put a management system in place for fossicking in Deep Creek, ensuring the long term viability of the practice for both locals and visitors.

Social Wellbeing Portfolio Councillor, Cr Rae Gâté, said the fossicking zone is accessible for use through turnstiles located at the end of Counter Street or Victoria Street with the gates closed to vehicles to minimise misuse of the area.

"The Gympie region is one of the few areas in the south east to have a designated fossicking area, which is a great drawcard for tourists," said Cr Gâté.

"However in the past people have been misusing this area so it has been necessary for council to put a management system in place to ensure visitors can have their own goldrush experience well into the future.

"Under the management plan council staff will monitor use of the area by fossickers to ensure they are not destroying or injuring any trees, are not polluting any watercourse or dam and are not undermining any creek banks.

"It is also important that fossickers refill all excavations when leaving the site."