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Prickly Pear On Council's Hit List

With plants such as Giant Rat’s Tail grass starting to slow down in the cooler weather, Council’s Lands Protection spray crews have been turning their attention to some of the other noxious weeds that are common in our region.

Of particular focus has been Prickly Pear.

The Prickly Pear is common along roadsides in the western areas and within Cave Hill reserve at Kilkivan.

Environment portfolio holder, Councillor Jess Milne, said that the dryer, cooler months are a good time to take action.

“Invasive weeds can have a huge financial impact on our region’s primary producers so I applaud the work of our Council staff in being proactive during the dryer months,” she said.

Council crews use a combination of tree spears on larger Prickly Pear plants and sprays on the smaller ones.

To supplement the on-ground control works, Council has also previously released Cochineal Insect and Cactoblastis Moth to target Prickly Pear within the region.

“As well as the Prickly Pear, I also know that the Mother of Millions invasive weed, which is starting to show its bright red flowers now, is also on Council’s hit list,” said Cr Milne.

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