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A car for under $100? Tell him he's dreamin'

On Thursday, 12 November 2020, Gympie Regional Council will be holding a public auction for abandoned vehicles and vessels.

Last year, the lowest price paid at auction was $10 for a trailer full of items such as a washing machine and fridge. The highest price paid was $740 for a Holden Colorado Dual Cab. Most vehicles were sold for less than $200.

Councillor Shane Waldock said that these auctions are held periodically and are the final step after the long process to try to reunite lost and abandoned vehicles with their owners has failed.

“Council staff leave notices, conduct searches, and issue letters to the last-registered owners to try to locate the owners of the vehicles.

“The auctions are our last attempt to move these vehicles on,” said Cr Waldock.

Council estimates that fewer than 10 per cent of abandoned vehicles and vessels are reclaimed by their owners.

Council’s 2019 abandoned vehicles and vessels auction, which auctioned 23 vehicles and vessels, raised $4,070.00. 
The auction will commence at 11:00am at Council’s impound yard on Laurenceson Road, Gympie. Vehicles can be inspected from 10:00am.

All funds received through the sale of the vehicles are returned to the Council’s budget to contribute towards the costs of impounding the vehicles.