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Major projects in the Gympie Region

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Open Space and Recreation Plan (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Gympie region provides a unique and diverse environment, providing significant opportunities for outdoor sport and recreation opportunities for both local residents and visitors alike.

Regional Plan for Difficult to Locate Sports (Other)

Council has endorsed a new plan to support sports with special requirements. Gympie Regional Council partnered with Noosa and Sunshine Coast Councils to develop the Regional Facilities Plan for Difficult...

Sports Precincts Master Plans (One Mile) (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Master Plans were produced on the basis of meeting the growing needs of the community and providing a home ground for key outdoor sports in Gympie.

Town Centre - Branding and Marketing Strategy (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Strategy contains a 3 year action plan to deliver activities aimed at increasing the vibrancy and attractiveness of the town centre to residents and visitors.

Town Centre - Mary Street Pedestrian Plaza (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Mary Street Pedestrian Plaza is a long term strategic project endorsed at the Ordinary Meeting of 13 May 2015 as part of a comprehensive Gympie Town Centre Urban Design Projects Package designed to revitalise the heart of Gympie’s town centre – Mary Street.

Town Centre - Mary Street Revitalisation (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The concept incorporates major streetscape improvements in Mary Street (between Monkland and Channon Street). 

Town Centre - Nelson Reserve/Memorial Park (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Nelson Reserve/Memorial Park Master Plan was endorsed by Council on 13 May 2015, as part of a comprehensive Gympie Town Centre Urban Design Projects Package. The Master Plan comprises Nelson Reserve,...

Town Centre - Parking Assessment (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

One of the primary intents of the recommendations of the Parking Assessment is to maximise parking opportunities for shoppers to frequent the Gympie Town Centre and support business through increased parking turnover in high demand areas.

Town Centre - Smithfield Street Revitalisation (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The concept design will introduce new street furniture, pedestrian crossing points, significant street tree planting and landscaping, streetscape lighting, public art, and widened pedestrian pavement areas to encourage alfresco dining and encourage an 'eat street' atmosphere.

Town Centre - Streetscape and Urban Design Palette (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Palette contains recommendations for improved streetscape design targeted at increasing pedestrian amenity ad complimenting the existing historic character and heritage values of the Town Centre.

Town Centre - Transit Facility (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

The Transit Facility project provides a vital enhancement to one of the Region’s key public transport and inter and intra-regional bus/coach service terminus and the future central hub for the local bus network.

Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy (Other) - Business:1300 307 800

Mary Street is the original heart of Gympie and should continue to be seen as the retail and community hub of the region. Council will continue to play a lead role into the future, to ensure that this is achieved.

Showing 12 results.
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