Local road network

The following is a list of road maintenance projects scheduled for across the region. 

Old Maryborough Road - Upgrade

A section of Old Maryborough Road will be upgraded to improve the safety and functionality of this area.

Flood Protection Works – Power Road, Southside

Funding has been allocated to improve flood resilience on Power Road at Southside, Gympie.

Bath Terrace, Victory Heights – Public Toilet and Carpark

Council has allocated funding to construct a public toilet, provide a bitumen sealed carpark and rework the gravel carpark off Bath Terrace, Victory Heights.

Little Road, Glastonbury – Replacement of Timber Bridge

Council has allocated funding to replace the single lane timber bridge on Little Road with a single lane concrete structure.

Noosa Road, Tandur – Bitumen Sealing

Council has allocated funding in the 2016/17 financial year to extend the bitumen sealing of Noosa Road, at Tandur.

Upgrade to Langton and Hall Roads

Council has allocated funding in the 2016/17 financial year to upgrade Langton and Hall Roads to the standard of industrial roads.

Reef Street, Gympie - Asphalt Overlay/Street Renewal

Council has allocated funding for rehabilitation and renewal of a section of Reef Street, Gympie, as shown in the plan of work overleaf.

Esplanade, Tin Can Bay – Pathway

Council has been progressively upgrading the Esplanade pathway at Tin Can Bay and has allocated funding for this to continue in 2016/17.

Pinta Court, Cooloola Cove – Drainage works

The project will install additional stormwater pipes, pits and a concrete invert channel to improve drainage in the area. The work will include: stormwater pits and pipes and concrete channel...
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