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Gympie Regional Council delivers Instant Information

Residents, visitors and the business community can now access significant council and community information through Gympie Regional Council’s new online mapping services.

The online map can be found on Council’s website under ‘Public Mapping’ and provides property and land information, town planning zones and overlays, council facilities, flood maps, aerial images and more.

The new system has been in pre-release and testing for the last couple of months, allowing tweaks so the public get the best results.

Mayor Mick Curran said “This is another example of Council working to provide greater access and transparency to information and to maximise cost efficiencies for our residents”.

“We have included information we know people are looking for and put it in one place. For example the Community Facility map has information such as dog off leash areas, caravan dump points, schools and sporting facilities so that new residents to the area can find the information they need all in one go.” he said.

The new mapping software “IntraMaps” is industry leading being used by over 300 local governments in Australia and New Zealand. Gympie Regional Council was one of the first Councils in Queensland to go with the new software for in-house and public mapping requirements.

This new mapping software offers significantly improved access to Council data and has increased staff efficacy and their ability to answer customer request. The online map is interactive allowing the user to turn map layers on and off. Printing facilities are included so users can print off maps for their own use anytime and for free. It includes interactive searching for addresses, road names, Lot Plan and community faculties.

Customers wanting to buy in the area or wanting flooding information are now able to search each property in their own time create their own printouts all without having to contact Council.

Council CEO Bernard Smith said “IntraMaps is a fast, efficient way of navigating through our Region. We have had excellent feedback from our customers, using both the online and front counter versions. They are amazed at how much information is available and how quickly they can access it.”

He said “We expect a significant reduction in calls from other industries after introducing the online maps. Groups like Energex can now locate Lot and Plan numbers themselves using the mapping portal without having to call council.”

In addition for those looking for facilities and services near their own property such as the nearest public pool, school or who their Councillor is, there is a new simple to use option called ‘Near Me’ ‘Near Me’ is a one stop shop for rate payers to find out about their local representative, waste collection days, and community facilities. All you need to know is your street address and ‘Near Me’ will do the rest for you.

Near Me’ is easily found on Council’s website on the Home page in the Quick Links section. This is a great option for use on smart phones.

The modernisation of Councils mapping system which includes the implementation of the new online maps was run in-house by the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section.

Its successful implementation shows the high quality skill base and talent within Council staff.

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 13 June 2018 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Last Friday, Council received the news that Curra Community Hall was recognised with a State Award at the 2018 Queensland Architecture Awards for Public Architecture. Congratulations to the entire team who worked on this project. The facility is a credit to them, and demonstrates that Council is delivering first-rate projects for our community.
At the time of writing, I’m looking forward to the delivery of the State budget which I hope will deliver funding for improved road infrastructure, continued and additional funding for community groups, and funding for further projects that will improve the liveability and economy of our region. Obviously, Queensland is a large state and the funding pot is only so big but I hope that regional Queensland is fairly recognised in the budget process.

Perhaps one of the major funding opportunities that has benefited our region in recent times has been the Works for Queensland program. This program has seen, and will see, collaboration between Gympie Regional Council and the State on significant employment generating projects such as the Goomeri Library Outdoor upgrade, Aerodrome Infrastructure upgrade, Albert Park/One Mile Revitalisation, River to Rail and Sands Riverside Parkland, The No. 1 Scottish Mine Precinct, Kinbombi Falls Infrastructure upgrade, Fiveways to Mellor Street streetscaping, Rainbow Beach Viewing Platform upgrade, Mary Valley Recreation Hub, Tagigan Road and of course the Rattler.
In the coming weeks, all residents will receive a postal survey which seeks feedback on Council’s waste management facilities. In the interests of good environmental good practice and safety, all Council waste facilities are now staffed with specific hours of operation and we are asking residents to have their say on these operating hours. I encourage you to take the opportunity to provide your comments and feedback.


Mayor Mick Curran