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Engaging critical issues through papermaking at the Gympie Gallery

New to the Gympie Regional Gallery, ‘making paper / making art’ celebrates and documents an emerging community of contemporary Queensland artists who are creating art that addresses...

New monument celebrating First Nations soldiers unveiled in Gympie’s Memorial Park

A dedication ceremony was held at Memorial Park in Gympie earlier today unveiling a new monument honouring First Nations service men and women who fought and defended Australia in the military...

Dedication ceremony at Memorial Park for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women

On Monday 7 June from 1.00pm to 2.30pm, a dedication ceremony will be held at Memorial Park, Gympie to honour all known and unknown Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women. ...

A message from Cr Hilary Smerdon - Wednesday, 16 June 2021 A message from Cr Hilary Smerdon - Wednesday, 16 June 2021

I think most people know the Gympie region is growing. The rate that it is growing is quite surprising. A recent article in The Gympie Times stated that the Southside area is growing faster than any capital city in Australia. This is great for the region but it also creates problems.

One major problem is every urban block requires reticulated water, which hasn’t been a problem in past years, but is quickly looming as demand grows. Yes, we have Borumba Dam in our backyard, but the water allocations from this reservoir are controlled by SEQ water and the Gympie region is allocated a quota which will need close management to supply all users. Recent talk of raising the wall would be very good for Gympie.

Our smaller regional townships are also facing water problems with the prevalence of the drier seasons we are experiencing in the last few years. Amamoor and Kandanga are supplied by the respective creeks which are far from reliable as of late. Kilkivan is solely bore water with these supplies needing good rain to recharge the aquifers, and Goomeri is on reservoir water with bore back-up.

Yes, we have had some decent falls of rain in the last few months, but it didn’t amount to any large run-off events. We are really in a green drought with a lot of our rural landholders having very low water storage for their livestock.

How do we manage this problem? Always practice water conservation, and take notice and abide by any water restrictions enforced by council. People may think there is no problem; council however, through monitoring water levels in all reservoirs, will know better and will at times impose restrictions to ensure water is available to all residents and shortages are kept to a minimum.

Long-term we need a higher allocation for the region and this will hopefully be gained by raising the level of Borumba Dam and finding more sustainable sources for our regional towns.

I ask again all residents, please at all times practice water conservation measures.

Cr Hilary Smerdon

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First round of the Gympie Regional Council Coordinated 1080 Baiting

The first round of the Gympie Regional Council Coordinated 1080 Baiting for Wild Dogs and Feral Pigs will commence on 16 March and end on 25 March 2021.

Please see the Bait Station Locations and Dates provided here 

If you wish to participate, please register with Council via 1300 307 800 before 9 March 2021.

Participants should review the GRC 1080 Baiting Advice Sheet and the 1080 Fact Sheet to familiarise yourself with your legal obligations when undertaking 1080 Baiting.

Additional information can be found here 

Participants must register with Council every baiting event, so your current property eligibility can be assessed. Once registered, you will be responsible for notifying all properties within 1.5km of the property being baited. On your chosen day of baiting you will supply your fresh, thawed meat bait material (refer to the 1080 Baiting Advice Sheet for details) at your chosen bait station, for injection by GRC Authorised Officers. You must then comply with ALL conditions on your signed Deed Poll (provided with prepared baits) and the 1080 Baiting Advice Sheet.

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